High Standards Produce High Performance
Our goal is to provide our clients with value through results that exceed their expectations.

We believe that the only true indicator of a trainer's qualifications is: Consistently high achievement - regardless of the dog's background and predisposition.

We measure ourselves against the feedback we receive from our Clients.  The following are a few unsolicited comments...

Client Feed Back

Lucie Peterson, Tigard, Oregon - Basic Obedience graduate




I must tell you that we had a great first weekend home with Jax. He continues to amaze us with his new behaviors. He has not once thought about jumping on the furniture. He has done several 1/2 hour down/stays even while we sat and ate breakfast... amazing! To really challenge him we took him to a track meet Saturday for over an hour. The distractions were overwhelming yet he healed and did sit and down stays throughout. Aside from a few "mock" counter surfs...this is not the same dog.


Looking back now, the [weeks] without him were worth every minute to have him turn out as well as he has.

He may not have quite met your standards, and although that would have been great, we are truly impressed by the changes we see.


You have truly worked wonders! Thank You so Much!!


Lucie Peterson & Family

Jeff Martin, Puyallup, Washington - Advanced Gundog graduate



I couldn't wait to work Haley, so my son and I took her out at 0900. We trained for 30 minutes. We ran the same exact pattern you did yesterday, she did it perfectly. I set up a baseball scenario and she took each cast without a hitch, in short, her performance was unbelievable! I am immensely impressed - this is beyond what I expected!


Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication!




One week later...



Thought I'd let you know about Haley's first week [at home]. She settled in nicely and is a breeze to handle around the house. As far as training, she has hit every drill perfectly, including a 100 yard T-pattern in front of another female lab and her owner. Her behavior is excellent. I must say, you did a great job with her.



Robin Greenman, Portland, Oregon - Basic Obedience graduate

Dear Jeff,


Thank you sooooo much. We're thrilled with our "new and improved" Winnie. I took her on an early-morning two-mile walk, and she was just great. When we passed by the occasional person or other dog, I was easily able to keep control. Not only does she know all of her commands, but she's not even chewing our shoes!


We got lucky on two counts -- in getting Winnie and in finding you.


The Grateful Greenmans.

Kathy Baker, Salem, Oregon - Purchased a Basic Obedience graduate for Service Dog duty


My Dad has never liked big dogs. Well, Kora is a different story. He loves this dog. Kora can do no wrong in his eyes. He is constantly bragging on what a beautiful, well behaved dog she is. He has never seen a better dog than her. He loves on her and spoils her with a cookie when she is up there. He went out and bought her type of cookies and has a food and water dish for when she is there. He is just in awe of her.


This speaks well of you Jeff. You should be proud.

Michelle Ingram, Portland, Oregon -

Basic Obedience graduate




I just wanted to e-mail you to let you know that Amery is doing GREAT!!!


I am very pleased! He is, of course, still eating anything he can get a hold of but I just ordered him a bunch of toys so hopefully they will keep him busy.


Thanks so much for doing such a great job with him. He is a blood donor now and is going to do testing to be a therapy dog this winter.


Thanks again,