The hunt test environment is much different than any setting that we can simulate for training. Even the best prepared dogs will often behave differently in a test situation than during training sessions. When the time comes for your dog to be judged in a hunt test, there are obvious advantages to having him expertly handled - especially if the handler is also his trainer.

Professional Handling Services, Whispering Hills Kennels

Hunt Test Handling

High Standards Produce High Performance
We will handle your dog for you at hunt tests.  Throughout the hunt test season, we travel throughout Northern California, Oregon, and Washington, campaigning our dogs.  Our test season begins in March, and continues into September.  During that period we will test our dogs at approximately 18 separate events.  This year, we will also enter the Master Nationals in October. 
If hunt test titles are a part of your goals, contact us about our handling services.  We provide a complete service, including entry preparation and submittal, transportation, and complete care for your dog while he is with us.