Hunt test training is a specialized program that prepares your dog to successfully campaign for AKC Junior Hunter, Senior Hunter, and Master Hunter titles.  The program builds upon the skills learned throughout our obedience and gun dog training programs to refine your dog's performance specifically for the demands of each level of hunt test title.
Gun Dog Training for AKC Hunt Tests, Whispering Hills Kennels

Hunt Test Training

Junior Hunter and Senior Hunter titles can be earned as your dog progresses through our gun dog programs.  We like to know in advance of completing basic gun dog training, that you may be interested in attaining hunt test titles.  By knowing in advance, we will emphasize those aspects of gun dog training that are particularly critical to hunt test judging, while gun dog training is in progress.  This will minimize the amount of additional training time needed to prepare your dog for his title campaign.

Master Hunter title preparation demands that all of the skills learned in advanced gundog be refined to the extreme extent needed to attain this most demanding and discriminating level of hunting title. A Master Hunter must demonstrate the ability to handle very technical multiple marks through dense cover, water, and formidable terrain while avoiding diversions. He must handle blind retrieves with precision under all conditions, run accurate straight lines, and under all circumstances maintain control.

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Master Hunt Test, Whispering Hills Kennels

Hunt test judging at this level is critical not only of the dog's individual performance, but of his ability to work as a team member with his handler.

The Master Hunter campaign is not for all dogs. If a Master Hunter title is your goal, let us offer you a candid assessment of your dog's capacity for this level of training and preparation, after we complete his Senior Hunter training and achieve his Senior title.