Advanced gun dog training includes all aspects of basic obedience and basic gun dog training, followed by a finishing program for multiple marked falls, blind retrieves, diversion marks, honoring, quartering, and flushing upland birds. This program requires from seven to nine months. It is designed for the serious sportsman who requires an outstanding working dog capable of handling the most challenging hunting situations, and for the hunter who prides himself on having the best.
Advanced Gun Dog Training, Whispering Hills Kennels

Advanced Gundog Training

Upon completion of our advanced Gun dog training Program, your dog will have become a truly finished hunting partner, capable of retrieving double and triple marked falls from water and rugged cover at distances in excess of 200 yards. Your partner will deliver your game at your side in the heel position, and will wait for your command to release the game to you. He will honor other working dogs. He will respond crisply to whistle commands and hand signals on blind retrieves through water and rough terrain, and do so at distances of 150 yards or more. Your dog will properly quarter a field within gun range, and will have tracking and flushing experience with upland game.

Our mission is to bring out the very best in every dog we have the opportunity to train. However, advanced gundog can only be successfully accomplished by dogs possessing above average natural abilities and temperament. We cannot assess your dog's potential for success at this level of training, until basic training is completed. If advanced gundog is your goal, we will provide you with a straightforward assessment of your dog's potential at the conclusion of basic gundog training.

High Standards Produce High Performance
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