Basic Gun Dog Training, Whiispering Hills Kennels

This is where the real fun begins for your retriever!

Basic gun dog training includes basic obedience, followed by field work with dummies and fresh birds.  This level of training is for the sportsman who wants a capable and reliable hunting partner for the duck blind and for the upland field, but who doesn't require a dog with advanced training for complex multiple marks or blind retrieves.

Our gun dog level 1 program typically requires four months to complete, depending upon your dog's natural abilities, temperament, and previous training.

Basic Gun Dog Training

Your dog will learn to reliably retrieve a marked fall (a bird that he has seen fall) at distances in excess of 100 yards on water or on land.  He will deliver game to hand, including proper delivery from water (deliver before shaking off).  He will be reasonably steady to shot, and will be taught to sit in a blind and wait to be sent to retrieve.  He will have experience with double marks, quartering an upland field within shotgun range, and delivery of live crippled game.  This program includes collar conditioning, a complete force-fetch detail, and whistle training to stop/sit and recall.

Basic gundog training does not include training for blind retrieves, casting, multiple marked falls, diversions, or honoring another working dog.

Upon completion of this level of training, your dog will competently handle all basic hunting situations, and will be a fine companion and family member.

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