Jeff and Faith pheasant hunt Whispering Hills Kennels


High Standards Produce High Performance

Jeff’s training experience began nearly 40 years ago with his own dogs, a Labrador and a Beagle.  It started with a passion for his dog’s companionship, and a love of the outdoors.  Jeff became a hunter before the age of ten.  Sarge, his first Labrador Retriever, was a natural in the field.  Together they hunted quail, dove, and pheasant as often as time and season would allow.  Through the years and many Labrador Retrievers that came after Sarge, training dogs for himself and for his friends became the most fulfilling pastime in Jeff’s life.  And so a dream was born, that he would eventually leave his career as a mechanical engineer to make a life and livelihood of training and caring for dogs, and of raising puppies that would exemplify the purest qualities and purpose of the Labrador breed.

In 1998, Jeff began training for AKC title campaigns and competition events.  Already an accomplished obedience trainer, he studied and practiced the techniques and advice of expert field trainers, and combined that knowledge with his own experience to develop a style all his own.  With his patient compassion and rare ability to read and understand dog behavior as the cornerstones of his training methods, Jeff has a unique ability to reach and teach to a breadth of temperaments unlike any other trainer.  His gentle skills have earned him the trust and confidence of the most discriminating dog owners and some of the most respected breeders in the country. 

Jeff has trained hundreds of dogs as waterfowl and upland hunters, family companions, service dogs, and AKC Hunt Test and Obedience competitors.  His client base covers a geographical area from New England to Alaska and Hawaii. 

Jeff and Heather Jennings founded Whispering Hills Labradors in the fall of 1998.  The name was later changed to Whispering Hills Kennels to better represent training services inclusive of all medium and large breed dogs, and breeding programs that now include Labrador Retrievers and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers. 

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