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Private Classes:
As with group classes, private lessons provide owners the opportunity to train their own dog, but with the benefit of undivided attention from an expert training coach. In addition, we tailor the program content to focus on the type of training most important to the owner.

Private lessons enable a flexible schedule with open program duration, thereby giving the owner control over the rate of progress and total program cost.
Group Classes:
High Standards Produce High Performance
Our train & board programs are the fast track to a properly trained dog, and are typically more cost efficient than private lessons. With train & board, we do all the work, while providing socialization and comfortable, secure board and care for your dog in our home. 
On program completion, we deliver a well-trained companion.  When your dog is ready to graduate, we meet with you for a private demonstration of his new skills, a detailed discussion of training and handling techniques specific to your dog’s needs, and a handling lesson for you, so that you are prepared to maintain his good behavior and keep his training sharp. 
We offer group classes where we coach you while you train your dog.  Group classes are an affordable way for owners to learn how to teach their dog while developing proper handling skills at the same time. 
Our group classes are kept small.  Every owner/dog team receives individual coaching based on their own level of achievement.  You and your dog progress independently at your own pace.
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Day Training:
Day Training allows the client to choose how many lessons their dog receives over a given period of time, and when those lessons will be given.
Simply leave your dog with us in the morning, and pick him up at the end of the day. He will receive his lessons while he is with us. You have control over his rate of progress and the total cost of the program.
We will also customize a Day Training program to include overnight, midweek, or weekly stays that include complete board and care.

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